Разблокировка SonyEricsson X10 S0-01b



Я купил недавно у вас андроид анлок для x10 для omnius'a.
ввёл все данные в программу которые были присланы вами, но никак не получается снять операторский лок с него.
Привожу лог проги:
Action journal
00:52:59   Unlock network lock by certificate replacement
00:52:59   Unlocks the phone by modifying S1 boot and recalculating simlock signature. Works for phones with Android OS version from v2.0 to v2.2.
00:52:59   Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (build 7600), 32-bit
00:52:59   Application version: 1.40.4823
00:52:59 . The action name is 'Unlock'
00:52:59   Selected phone type: Xperia™ X10
00:52:59   Determining whether the ADB server is running…
00:53:00   Selected connection method: USB EROM
00:53:00 i Instructions
00:53:00 i 1. Make sure the phone battery is charged to at least 50%.
00:53:00 i 2. Make sure the phone firmware version is supported! Reflash if needed!
00:53:00 i 3. Switch off the phone!
00:53:00 i 4. Remove the SIM and memory cards from the phone!
00:53:00 i 5. Remove the phone battery and wait at least 5 seconds, then insert the battery back to the phone!
00:53:00 i 6. Press and hold the return back button, then connect the cable to the phone!
00:53:00 . The action started waiting for the user
00:54:54 . The action finished waiting for the user
00:54:54   Connecting via SEMC USB Flash Device (USB1)...
00:54:54   Device driver version:
00:54:54   Detected chipset: QSD8250
00:54:54   Boot mode: EROM
00:54:54   EROM version: 1226-2253 R8A033
00:54:54   IMEI: 35949603712955
00:54:54   Device ID: AAFBA6E9197F27065B28F8CF5627FF2DF7C43075
00:54:54   Minimum loader AID: 0001
00:54:54   Color: Red SEMC
00:54:54   Sending loader...
00:54:54   Waiting for loader response...
00:54:55   Saving data to file: Xperia X10_35949603712955_20130330005455_SIMLock.opd
00:54:56 i Waiting for connection to the server...
00:55:00   Receiving news...
00:55:01 i News
00:55:01 i Omnius for Samsung v1.18 - Experimental unlock code read for Samsung Galaxy S II and similar, FREE
during test period
00:55:01 i Omnius 1 Year licenses purchased after 1st Oct 2011 now gained
unlimited android unlocking!
00:55:01   Signing simlock data…
00:55:05   Writing...
00:55:05   If an error will occur, restore the phone with the earliest backup...
00:55:05 i Instructions
00:55:05 i 1. Please disconnect battery and cable from the phone!
00:55:05 i 2. Remove the SIM and memory cards from the phone!
00:55:05 i 3. Switch on the phone!
00:55:05 i 4. In the phone settings select Applications/Development.
00:55:05 i 5. Then enable USB debugging.
00:55:05 i 6. Connect the cable to the phone!
00:55:05 . The action started waiting for the user

Additional details
06 24 4E 8A E3 2C 7F 7A 61 EA 8D 3E CB FC D5 91 
15 18 
телефон залочен под Docomo. версия прошивки 2.1
Не рутирован.
пожалуйста помогите его разблокировать.в чём может быть проблема?