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Combo Multi CDMA Unlocker

Added Features
  • Samsung B159 DE26 1 Click Unlocking
  • Micromax C111 1 Click Safe Unlocking
  • Haier C2040 MT04 March 31 2010 Database Supported 1 Click Unlocking
  • Haier C2076 MV02 OLD 1 Click Unlocking
  • Read Info Button Added
  • log folder created under AdvanceCDMA directory

How to use [Cautions]
  • Samsung B159 DE26 1 Click Unlocking is Safe / Fastest & Eeasier
  • Unlocking requires 2 step for B159

1. Select B159 press Unlock with USB E210 Cable
2. Select B119NEW, Press Unlockng with RJ45 E210 Cable
{without this step you can’t unlock your phone, do not keep asking for that on forum. 2 steps are important and there is no other way}​

Official Website: AdvanceCDMA